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About the Author

Kathleen M. Alford is a dedicated and experienced educator with over four decades of teaching experience in Volusia County, Florida. Her extensive background in various subject areas and commitment to student success make her an invaluable asset in the world of education.

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Background and Experience

Kathleen M. Alford is an experienced educator with a strong background in teaching and curriculum development. She has been a dedicated teacher in Volusia County, Florida since 1981, helping students of various age groups and subject areas excel in their studies. Kathleen's versatile skill set has led her to teach subjects ranging from elementary education to middle and high school mathematics, as well as journalism.


Education and Certifications

Kathleen's educational journey began at the University of Florida, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting with a minor in Psychology. Later, she pursued her passion for education at Stetson University, completing a Master's in Elementary Education with a specialization in Reading and Reading Diagnosis. She further advanced her education by obtaining an Education Specialist degree in Career Teacher, Curriculum and Instruction from Stetson University.

Her professional certifications include:

  • Elementary Education (Grades 1-6)

  • Middle Grades Math (Grades 5-9)

  • Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (Grades 5-9)

  • Mathematics (Grades 6-12)

  • Journalism (Grades 6-12)

  • Gifted and ESOL Endorsements

These certifications, issued by the Florida Department of Education (Certificate #468204), demonstrate Kathleen's expertise and commitment to providing high-quality education to her students.

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